That Wylde Woman!

Reader Reviews:

  • This was an absolute dream to read!! I loved it and it was perfect! Just what my regency romance little heart was waiting for. I adore stories like this. The characters were top notch and the story line was amazing. I can’t wait to read the prequel.  ~ L. Clendenin, NetGalley
  • I loved the direct chemistry between Andrew and Marleigh. Adding to that, that the heroine is a stronghold feminist who knows exactly what she wants and the male lead being absolutely fascinated by her, this book is definitely something to recommend! ~ S. Wöldel, NetGalley
  • Great start to the Wylde Hearts series, I enjoyed every part of the journey and can’t wait to read where this series will go. ~ K. McLeer, NetGalley
  • I did enjoy this book very much. The characters were a great deal different from most in this genre which made it a unique read. The plot was also entertaining. I shall be looking out for more books by this author. ~ D. Orrock. NetGalley
  • Enjoyable historical romance with a no nonsense heroine and a handsome hero with much to learn… Unusual and different. ~ K. Garner, NetGalley

A Duke, a rogue, a bold American woman, a trio destined for a battle of passions.

Marleigh Barrett, the American daughter of the new Earl of Wylde, has an independent spirit. She dazzles the English Ton men with analysis of investment properties, ships, and horses. Attracted by her self-reliance and confidence the Duke of Pangbourne  discovers her business skills, and asks for advice. He fails to follow it, leading to bruised pride and wounded spirits.

Robert Mandeville, the black sheep third cousin, spread vicious lies of treason against Marleigh’s father. When Rob appears at the country estate professing remorse and she receives the Duke’s apologetic letter, the tenacious young woman’s anger for both men diminishes. Marleigh considers the options and her true heart’s desire.

Secret plans and hopeful minds are waiting for her decision. Will Marleigh consider a new beginning with her repentant cousin Robert or will the Duke accept her analytical intellect, and make amends? Who will win her heart?

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A Second Chance Regency Romance (Wylde Hearts Series, Book 1)

Watch for the next book in the Wylde Hearts series, Wylde at Heart.

Knave of Hearts

Determined to join the rich and powerful ton: even if
success will come by through treachery or death.

Robert Mandeville never saw himself as a rogue. As a youthful ‘Robin Hood,’ his compassion protected an abused horse by stealing it from the spiteful owner. Now an adult, Robert’s justice is purloining restitution from slandering talebearing rich party hosts. The gleeful opportunist selects a small trinket from their paradise, leaving behind a cryptic message from the cunning marauder.

When the devilishly handsome Knave of Hearts approaches the dance floor, worried mothers fret over purity and dowries. But unconstrained widows find something secret and magical that draws them. His disarming smile and piercing eyes emit a sense of wild adventure, making any lady hover closer to experience the thrill of this earthly heaven.

While Robert dreams only of attaining money and power, he considers every investment feasible: perhaps extortion or even a marriage of trickery. A potent gossip war he created may endow him with wealth and title if the rumors drive an inquest against his cousin for murder.

He has the brass but does he have the courage?

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Watch for Wylde at Heart, book 2


Erotica are written as Bunny Plumher and Biker Bob, available in eBook and paperback at Amazon.

Taboo’nacle of Love: Enemies to Lovers Erotic Comedy BDSM Romance

Reviews from NetGalley:

  • Oh. My. God. I found my new favorite book! Taboo’nacle of Love is the hottest smut I have had the pleasure of reading all year. This book is deliciously satirical.  I am very grateful for the acknowledgments at the beginning of the book, which says that this book was written “in response to several clergymen in the news.” Overall, I give it a whopping 5 chili peppers.   ~Lee Blankenship, Goodreads
  • This book was HOT HOT HOT!! I loved every minute of it. I need more books like this. This author is so amazing. I will be looking for more books.   ~MG  NetGalley
  • This was true erotica; every single page contained some kind of foreplay or sex scene. This book was a fun read.   ~ Rose, Goodreads
  • This one definitely lives up to the “comedy bdsm” description. It was witty and super steamy. A nice quick and erotic read that at parts will have you laughing out loud.     ~CH-R NetGalley
  • If you are seeking a wild ride of a novel that will blow your mind, you have come to the right book. Some will be highly offended. Some will be tickled pink and some will clutch their pearls. It is explicit so be forewarned.  ~KM NetGalley
  • This was a hot, hot read! The whole story had naughty scenes and every chapter dealt with more sex.  If you are looking for a very steamy read, I would definitely recommend this book. I love steamy reads and in my opinion, the hotter, the better so this book allowed me to thoroughly enjoy my reading experience.  ~Ash J, Goodreads 

Pastor Holcum and his flock affirm their faith with strict adherence to the cleansing power of a man’s fertile Holy Cock.

Ever since Pastor Holcum gave the men some much-needed instruction on the requirement of orgasms for their wives, the congregation hummed with devotion.

The women churchgoers were never more enthusiastic. Until one blushing bride went overboard in her gratefulness, and a small group of wives, not to be outdone, were led astray by jealousy. Their outlandish behavior during the Sunday service was not to be tolerated and required purification in a blessed union immediately!

Would the offer of a helping hand in completing a week of warranted discipline bring the resentful, indignant ladies of the Stitch ‘n Bitch club back to the fold, or could a tiny misunderstanding create more anarchy and misrule?

An earthy sexual romp in a bawdy parody with BDSM overtones.

Discover all the delectable sex-capades of a lampooning humorist’s rollicking spoof in a satirical erotic comedy.

The Duchess

Will she reject him or tangle him in love’s knot?

Michael realized what a mistake he had made a year ago when he had decided not to form an attachment with Suzanna. Reconnecting at a Dark Pleasures Conference she now wants parity in a Dom/sub relationship. Is this in retaliation or does she have some wild Domme streak? He is sure of one thing: The Duchess would be his.

Suzanna realized quickly Michael was a born a salesman, a storyteller who could make anything sound interesting. The man excelled at selling himself, his abilities. Somehow the original connection they had made a year ago had never moved forward. She had been mystified by his decision to go no further, and then miffed. Now that they had met again, quite by accident, she was feeling a little . . . calculating.

Forbidden: The Preacher’s Wife

When the preacher’s wife bows her head it is not always for prayers.

Left behind while our spouses attend a district denomination meeting, the preacher’s wife, Billie, asks Barry to show her around a local sex shop. Half hard, half panicked, he had no idea if he had been propositioned or pranked.

What happens when Jean, a member of the choir, takes an unusual interest in the pastor’s personal organ? First, she gets a little unintended help, encouragement, and humorous advice from a friend then entices the pastor to help her find the music and the organ she wants to play.

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